Welcome to the CHRISTUS St. Vincent Medical Staff Training Video site. The EMED Videos for Medical Staff are for you to use either as a refresher or as instructional videos for your initial training.

For those interested in refresher training, simply choose which videos you wish to watch. Each videos is divided into two parts. The first part, "Preview", provides an instructional video and demonstration. The second part, "Training", allows you to repeat the steps of the demonstration with prompting. 

Providers who will take care of patients in the hospital, i.e. place orders, will need to complete the full series of EMED Phase II videos, 1 through 15. After completing the videos, you will need to complete the EMED Phase 2 Test Full Access available in the Documents tab.

Providers and their Associates who do not provide care in the Hospital, will need to complete the first part of the EMED Phase II videos, 1 through 11. After completing the videos, you will need to complete the EMED Phase 2 Test Partial Access.

If you are training for your initial application to hospital, you will also need to complete the HIPAA form.

Please send all documents to brenda.newell@stvin.org

Thank you, -

Bill Plauth, MD

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